Our Promise

 At Apro furniture studio,

we want you to fall in love forever.

That’s why it’s our mission to create high-quality kitchens that last, so that every meal, every moment is memorable.


With a strong connection to our Clients, we believe in the power of design – a departure from our Other competitors – and thus it’s our promise to provide you with a rich source of beauty and poise in your luxury kitchen.

We draw inspiration from innovation. Our deep understanding of industry technology allows us to bring you the most advanced kitchen systems.


From the freshest designs to the latest technological advancements, we’re always researching concepts and reinventing collections to keep your home on the cutting edge.



Our work is our life, which is why we care about your home as much as you do. It’s our mission at Apro to help you experience modern, luxury in a kitchen that fits your individuality.


The Apro Furniture Studio Principles of Excellence:

  • Innovative kitchen technology, functionality, and designOur concepts are as contemporary and up-to-date as our clients. We keep your kitchen looking and feeling like new by updating it’s technology as new trends emerge.

  • Proactive commitment to maintaining, upgrading, and evolving every kitchen. We will be there Five months and Five years from now to make sure your kitchen cabinet technology is always fresh, always aligned with modern aesthetics.

  • Industry knowledge is power. We educate ourselves and our clients on fashion and function to make the informed decisions for the best kitchens.

  • Perfection. We settle for nothing less than the gold standard and deliver exceptional spaces that become the most talked about experience in every home.

  • Appreciation for our Italian roots. As a 100% genuine made in India company, we only work with the most talented Indian craftsmen in the world.

  • Respect for the environment. We use 100% post-consumption recycled wood and eco-friendly materials. Our products have the absolute lowest amount of formaldehyde in the industry – a fact we’re very proud of.

  • Respect for our clients. As we collaborate for the ultimate made-to-fit, state-of-the-art kitchen, we will never compromise authenticity. Our reputation is tied to our ability to deliver on our promise, and we have yet to fail.


Creating Your Urban Oasis

  • Mumbai live truly unique lives. From yellow Black cabs to the high-rise skyline, there is no place like the city. And that goes for its apartments and kitchens, too.

  • Our Expertise -based architects and designers at Apro Furniture Studio live and work within the five boroughs, giving them first-hand awareness of the challenges that come with small spaces.

pexels-mark-mccammon-2724749 (1).jpg


  • Using a skilled design eye, our team uncovers what you need in a modern, functional kitchen and how to implement that in your home.

  • We consult with you on color choices, lighting, materials, and overall look and feel—such as textured versus lacquered cabinetry—to make sure every sightline and every touch point is just as you dreamed it.

Creating a Custom Kitchen with Apro 


  • Our first meeting will focus on how you currently use your space, including areas where you live, work, and entertain in your home. You may have a clear idea of what you want, or you may look to us for a little guidance. Either way, we’re equipped to direct, develop, or create a whole new concept to meet your needs. Seven to ten days after this initial meeting we’ll come together again to present you with our conceptual plan and cost estimate.




  • Once we’ve worked together to polish off our initial conceptual plan, we’ll enter into a design services agreement. This formal agreement confirms our work together and outlines Apro Furniture Studio deliverables – this is where we strengthen our commitment to you and your project.

  • Once a contract is in place, our team will visit your home or project site to take measurements and evaluate the conditions.

  • Your team is part of our team and we know how important it is to work closely together. Apro Furniture Studio works with you and your interior designer or architect to confirm plan details and develop alternative designs as needed.

  • It is during this phase that we will look at other areas in your project—baths, closets, or living spaces—and begin designing for them. Our time spent in design development will allow you to make functional and aesthetic selections that will help bring the final design to life.


  • Technology is essential to the Apro process, even before we break ground in your home. Once we’ve finalized the conceptual design, our team will develop a set of computer-aided design (CAD) drawings to help you envision your future space. You can also opt to have your CAD drawing in 3D to help make the upcoming transformation feel even more real.

  • We like working on deadlines, and we like working in teams. Whether you have your own contractor or work with one of Apro Furniture Studio, we’ll provide you with an estimated timeline for work for the renovation process. This approach minimizes construction time and affords you the convenience of a partly working kitchen while you await your new and improved home.



  • With drawings confirmed, a contract signed, and your deposit received, we place your order into production at our Italian headquarters. While production times vary depending on the finishes you choose, we anticipate delivery to the job site to be between 14 and 16 weeks after the order is placed. Once all materials arrive to our New Jersey warehouse and are primed for shipment, we will schedule the delivery and installation of your new kitchen.

  • Adjusting to your luxury, custom kitchen will be easy, but to help your transition go even smoother we’ll provide you with a welcome kit and cleaning kit. Though maintenance on your Apro kitchen will be minimal, we suggest you follow our instructions.

  • You will also receive a warranty card, which safeguards your cabinetry from defects for Five years (One years + Four years). By completing and returning this warranty, you’ll have the opportunity to update and even partially remodel your kitchen as you and your family grow into it.

  • Every Apro Furniture Studio product is certified to the highest standards, putting us in the top of our industry class.