We  develop and design the kitchen according to the customers lifestyle requirement and necessity also considering today's trend to satisfy the aesthetic look of the the place we also advice to the customer according to their requirement about the material and the accessories been used in the kitchen give them best ideas and organized kitchen for their future requirement. we present 3d view option for customers to see that kitchen how it's going to look after it's been installed we also give after sales service for 5 years for modular kitchen and modular wardrobes once the customer has booked modular kitchen, we make sure that we give a best designs and fulfill the requirement in their own budget when customer come to us for modular kitchen give them good detail about the product we have then we visit the site for measurement and inspection once we are done with the measurement we create the design in 3d which is easy for the customer to understand we call the customer for discussion and show him all the designs that has been made in 3d we explain them each and every cabinet according to the requirement we also consider their use accordingly we remodel the design once the customer say yes to the final output we make them select the color the material and the handles once the selection is done we should than the 3d view in the selected colour please the design and take 50% payment for production once the customer is done with payment sign of the document and hand it over to the customer then we visit the site once more for final measurement once the final measurement is done we put the material in production take 30 days once the material is ready in manufacturing unit we call the customer for west of 50% payment as soon as we receive the payment we set the material for delivery at site once the material is rich the site next day restart the installation installation takes two to four days once the installation is complete we ask the customer to check the kitchen and handover decide to the customer same time a warranty starts for 5 years any defect in door hardware if it will be replaced immediately.

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